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The way multitasking is meant to be.

Now you can multitask, work with more than one application at a time, in Mac OS X by using CTVD. CTVD allows you to run many applications side-by-side, yet keep your workspace organized and your workflow efficient. The enhanced pager allows you to view the your applications and instantly switch between desktops as you work on different tasks. You can work with groups of windows, not just single applications. CTVD is highly customizable in appearance and action; it works the way you want it to work!


Full support for X11
CTVD fully supports Apple X11. With CTVD, X11 windows behave just like your other Mac OS X windows; they can be placed on separate desktops, respond to focus follows mouse, and activated through the pager.

Full support for Expose
Apple introduced Expose to help organize your windows. Now CTVD and Expose work together, increasing your efficiency. Use Expose to reveal windows on the active desktop and use CTVD to switch between those windows.


We took a good feature and made it better. Now you can focus a window without raising the window. Also, you can turn off focus follows mouse with a HotKey giving you more control than ever.

New enhanced pager
CTVD's pager is easier to use. The new ToolTips make window and virtual desktop identification simple. If you frequently change screen resolutions, you can lock the pager to the edge of the screen to always keep it in place. And, like the Dock, you can use the new autohide feature to save precious screen space.

Enhanced Pager


AppleScript support
In Mac OS X, AppleScript allows you to automate many tasks. CTVD can now run AppleScripts whenever you change desktops. Or, you can use AppleScript through other applications to control CTVD by getting virtual desktop information, changing your active virtual desktop, and moving application windows to virtual desktops.

Please note: CTVD 4.0b1 expires on
July 8, 2008 at midnight, local time.

CTVD 4.0b1 (MacIntel-Tiger)

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Full support for X11
Full support for Expose
Focus Follows Mouse can focus a window without raising the window
Automatic locking of pager to edge of screen
Autohide feature for pager
Remote control of VirtualDesktop through AppleScript and Cocoa
Contextual menus in pager to control windows
Feature to have VirtualDesktop only use the main monitor. All windows on other monitors are "sticky"
New HotKey that displays window list at mouse pointer location
The ability to turn off individual HotKeys
Tooltips display information in pager
Configure type of tooltip information displayed
Configure font of tooltips
Feature to automatically launch VirtualDesktop at login

Beta Testing is an important part of the software program development process. Before we release a product for sale, we want the product tested by as many people as possible to make certain the program operates as designed and does not crash the User's computer. In addition, we want the documentation to be clearly and easily understood. In short, we want the product to work and to be user-friendly!

Please email us at with any comments or bug reports you have about this Beta program.

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