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Instant access to your applications, documents and more.

You use dozens of applications and work with hundreds of documents, so you want quick and easy access. You need DockExtender. With DockExtender you can organize all of your applications and documents into as many as 10 different menus, all one mouse click or key press away. You have complete control over DockExtender menus; their content and organization are completely up to you. You can organize the menus into separate submenus, put in labeled separators to break up groups of apps, or just load in the contents of a folder. DockExtender gives you the fastest access to all of your applications and documents.

Total Customization Total Customization
DockExtender menus allow you to perform a number of different actions, all from the same menu. Group your applications and documents together by task, or by their function. Put your most common tools in one menu, and the URLs for your favorite Web Sites in another menu. Organize items into submenus and label menu sections with separators. DockExtender does all this and more.

3 Ways

3 Ways to Access Your Menus
You can put your menus in the Dock, use the menu bar tool, or press a HotKey to show your menu. No matter which one you choose, you've got all your files, URLs and AppleScripts at your fingertips. What's more, if you use HotKeys to access your menus, you can navigate them using the arrow keys so your hands never leave the keyboard.

MultiDock Multiple Dock Configurations
Another feature of DockExtender is the ability to switch between multiple Dock configurations as you work. Using the DockExtender preference pane, you can set up your Dock configurations without having to modify your current Dock. Add a "MultiDock configs" submenu to any DockExtender menu, and swap Docks whenever you want.

Easy Configuration

Configuration made Easy
Setting up your DockExtender menus is a snap. Drag files or folders into the DockExtender Preference Pane, add submenus and separators and you're all set. Changes are immediately available in all your menus when you exit System Preferences, or at the press of a button. If you want to change the order of items later, just drag them to their new location in the menu or into a submenu.

Buy Now Purchase a registration key
for DockExtender.
Price: $20.00

Download DockExtender DOWNLOAD AND TRY
DockExtender 3.1.3

Requires Mac OS X 10.1.3 or later
Size: 1.2 MB
The unregistered version of DockExtender will only allow you to configure one menu and the Menu Bar Tool menu. A maximum of eight items will appear in the DockExtender menu, though you may create as many levels of submenus as you wish.
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Create up to 10 custom menus with as many items, submenus and separators as you want
Launch applications, run AppleScripts, open web pages or documents, mount AppleShare drives, and more from any DockExtender menu
Access menus from the Dock, menu bar or via a custom HotKey
Create multiple custom Dock configurations and switch between them from any DockExtender menu
Access the current contents of a folder from a submenu
Use a HotKey shortcut to open a menu, then navigate the menu from the keyboard
Choose your own icon for each DockExtender menu in the Dock
Unlock the hidden Dock "pinning" feature and put your Dock at either end of your screen

DockExtender DockExtender helps you organize and access all of your files in a simple, compact interface.
Here are some of the reasons DockExtender will help you make the most of Mac OS X:
Intuitive: Menus are a great way to make a large number of items available in a small amount of space while remaining very easy to access.
Flexible: You control the content of every menu completely; you're free to organize each menu to make it work for you.
Visual: All DockExtender menus display the file's icon, allowing you to find the file you want at a glance.
Try it for yourself: Download the free trial version and create one menu with up to 8 submenus. Purchase a registration key to gain access to all of DockExtender's features.

Purchase a registration key
for DockExtender.
Price: $20.00
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